Compare 1998 Toyota Supra Acceleration By Trims

0-60 Times Quarter Mile

Kind regards to each and every automobile driver, who is keen on paceful drives and desires to conceive which 1998 Supra is chanced to answer your demands. Our team formulated a factual information for a reader to find out from zero to 60 examination fruit for various 1998 Supra in great charts and tables. The complete batch of clues was obtained from several trusty articles. But also be mindful of the fact, that certain pieces of info touching every 1998 Supra can vary from report to report due to may causes.

It must be not so popular, but still interesting for each vehicle motorist that extensively, for most race autos and high-end sports automobiles from zero to 60 check-up may show 2-3 seconds. Simultaneously, the typical time in the US for the 0-60 mph assessment shows eight secs. Specifically, once we are discussing small cars, this figure will achieve about seven-nine seconds and for SUVs, it will be 8-9 secs.