Cars Like Toyota Supra? 19 Similar Vehicles Worth Checking Out

Are you a fan of the iconic Toyota Supra? Do you crave the power, speed, and sleek design that this legendary sports car has to offer? Well, you're in luck! There are plenty of other vehicles out there that offer similar features and performance. In fact, we've compiled a list of 19 cars that are worth checking out if you're a Supra enthusiast.

From the Nissan 370Z to the Porsche 911, we've got you covered. Whether you're in the market for a new ride or just looking to satisfy your need for speed, these cars are sure to impress. We'll take you through each vehicle's specs, features, and unique selling points so you can make an informed decision when it comes to your next purchase.

So, buckle up and get ready to explore the world of high-performance sports cars. Whether you're a die-hard Supra fan or just looking to expand your horizons, this article is for you. Don't miss out on the chance to discover your next dream car!

How Toyota Supra Stacks Up Against the Competitors

Competitors Last Release Fuel Economy
Toyota Supra 2022 25 city / 32 highway
BMW M2 2021 18 city / 24 highway
BMW M440 2023 24 city / 32 highway
BMW Z4 2022 25 city / 32 highway
BMW i8 2020
Chevrolet Camaro 2023 19 city / 28 highway
Chevrolet Corvette 2023 16 city / 24 highway
Dodge Challenger 2023 19 city / 30 highway
Ford Mustang 2022 21 city / 29 highway
Honda Civic Type R 2021 22 city / 28 highway
Jaguar F-TYPE 2022 17 city / 24 highway
Mazda MX-5 Miata 2022 26 city / 34 highway
Nissan 370Z 2020 19 city / 26 highway
Nissan Z
Porsche 718 Boxster 2022 20 city / 26 highway
Porsche 718 Cayman 2022 20 city / 26 highway
Subaru BRZ 2022 20 city / 27 highway
Toyota 86 2021
Toyota GR86 2022 20 city / 27 highway
Volkswagen Golf R 2022 20 city / 28 highway


Latest Release: 2021
MPG: 18 city / 24 highway

The BMW M2 stands out from its rivals with its agile handling and powerful engine.

In my opinion, this car exudes a sense of sportiness and luxury that is unmatched by other vehicles in its class.

Horsepower / Torque 405 hp / 406 lb.ft
0-60 times 4.2 sec
¼ mile time 12.2 sec
Curb weight 3600 lbs
How much horsepower does BMW M2 have?

BMW i8

Latest Release: 2020

The BMW i8 is a stunning hybrid sports car that turns heads on the road. Its sleek and futuristic design is matched by impressive performance, with a 0-60 mph time of just 4.2 seconds.

The car's eco-friendly features, including its electric motor and regenerative braking system, make it a responsible choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. However, the i8's high price tag and limited seating capacity may not be practical for everyone.

Overall, the BMW i8 is a thrilling and innovative vehicle that combines style and sustainability.

Horsepower / Torque 228 hp / 236 lb.ft
0-60 times 4.4 sec
¼ mile time 12.9 sec
Curb weight 3501 - 3671 lbs
What is the peak torque of BMW i8?

Chevrolet Camaro

Latest Release: 2023
MPG: 19 city / 28 highway

The Chevrolet Camaro is a sleek and powerful muscle car with impressive acceleration and handling.

However, it can be difficult to see out of and has limited rear seat space.

Horsepower / Torque 650 hp / 650 lb.ft
Curb weight 3351 - 4120 lbs
How much horsepower does Chevrolet Camaro have?

Chevrolet Corvette

Latest Release: 2023
MPG: 16 city / 24 highway

The Chevrolet Corvette is a highly competitive sports car that offers impressive performance and sleek styling.

With a powerful engine, responsive handling, and advanced technology features, it stands up well against other sports cars in its class.

Horsepower / Torque 670 hp / 465 lb.ft
Curb weight 3535 - 3637 lbs
How fast is Chevrolet Corvette from 0 to 60?

Dodge Challenger

Latest Release: 2023
MPG: 19 city / 30 highway

The Dodge Challenger is a powerful muscle car with a classic design and impressive acceleration, but its fuel economy is not the best and its handling can be a bit cumbersome at times.

Despite these drawbacks, the Challenger remains a popular choice among car enthusiasts who value its raw power and nostalgic styling.

Whether you're cruising down the highway or tearing up the track, the Challenger is sure to turn heads and deliver an exhilarating driving experience.

Horsepower / Torque 717 hp / 656 lb.ft
Curb weight 3841 - 4415 lbs
What is the peak torque of Dodge Challenger?

Ford Mustang

Latest Release: 2022
MPG: 21 city / 29 highway

The Ford Mustang is a classic American muscle car that offers a thrilling driving experience with its powerful engine and sharp handling.

With its iconic design and modern features, the Mustang is a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Horsepower / Torque 470 hp / 420 lb.ft
0-60 times 3.5 - 5.0 sec
¼ mile time 13.7 sec
Curb weight 3532 - 3868 lbs
How fast is Ford Mustang from 0 to 60?

Honda Civic Type R

Latest Release: 2021
MPG: 22 city / 28 highway

The Honda Civic Type R is a sleek and sporty car that offers exceptional performance and handling, making it the perfect choice for drivers who want a thrilling driving experience.

With its turbocharged engine and advanced suspension system, this car delivers impressive power and precision, while also providing a comfortable and stylish ride.

Horsepower / Torque 306 hp / 295 lb.ft
Engine options 2.0L I-4
Front legroom 42.30 in
Rear legroom 35.90 in
Front headroom 39.00 in
Rear headroom 54.00 in
Rear hip room 49.00 in
0-60 times 5.0 sec
Learn more about Honda Civic Type R MPG

Jaguar F-TYPE

Latest Release: 2022
MPG: 17 city / 24 highway

This car is an absolute masterpiece, with a stunning design and a growling engine that will leave you speechless.

It's the perfect blend of beauty and power, and it's sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Horsepower / Torque 575 hp / 516 lb.ft
0-60 times 3.5 - 4.4 sec
Curb weight 3760 - 3945 lbs

Mazda MX-5 Miata

Latest Release: 2022
MPG: 26 city / 34 highway

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is a fun, sporty convertible with excellent handling and a fuel-efficient engine, making it a great choice for those who prioritize driving experience over practicality.

Its small size and lack of storage space may not be suitable for everyone, but for those who want a thrilling ride, the MX-5 is hard to beat.

Horsepower / Torque 181 hp / 151 lb.ft
Curb weight 2341 lbs

Nissan 370Z

Latest Release: 2020
MPG: 19 city / 26 highway

The Nissan 370Z is a sports car that offers a thrilling driving experience with its powerful V6 engine and precise handling, setting it apart from its competitors in the segment.

Its sleek and stylish design also adds to its appeal as a top choice for enthusiasts.

Horsepower / Torque 350 hp / 276 lb.ft
0-60 times 5.7 sec
¼ mile time 13.9 sec
¼ mile speed 103 - 107 sec
Curb weight 3333 - 3457 lbs
What is the quarter mile time for 370Z?

Porsche 718 Cayman

Latest Release: 2022
MPG: 20 city / 26 highway

The Porsche 718 Cayman is a true driver's car, with its mid-engine layout providing exceptional handling and balance on the road.

With a range of powerful engines and impressive fuel economy, it's a top choice for those seeking a thrilling driving experience.

Horsepower / Torque 414 hp / 309 lb.ft
0-60 times 4.1 - 4.7 sec
Curb weight 3034 - 3208 lbs

Subaru BRZ

Latest Release: 2022
MPG: 20 city / 27 highway

This Subaru BRZ is a sleek and stylish sports car, perfect for those who want to feel the rush of the open road.

While it may not have the most powerful engine, its balance and handling make up for it in spades.

Horsepower / Torque 228 hp / 184 lb.ft
Curb weight 2815 - 2835 lbs
Is Subaru BRZ heavy? See the details

Toyota 86

Latest Release: 2021

Now here's a car that's got some serious style, the Toyota 86. With its sleek lines and sporty design, this baby is sure to turn heads on the road.

And when you take it out for a spin, you'll see that it's not just a pretty face - it's got some serious performance chops that put it ahead of the competition.

How much horsepower does Toyota 86 have?

Toyota GR86

Latest Release: 2022
MPG: 20 city / 27 highway

The Toyota GR86 offers a thrilling driving experience with its responsive handling and powerful engine, while also providing practicality and efficiency for everyday use.

Horsepower / Torque 228 hp / 184 lb.ft
Curb weight 2811 - 2833 lbs
What is the quarter mile time for GR86?

Volkswagen Golf R

Latest Release: 2022
MPG: 20 city / 28 highway

The Volkswagen Golf R is the ultimate hot hatch, offering impressive performance and handling in a practical and stylish package.

With a turbocharged engine and all-wheel drive, this car is perfect for both daily driving and weekend fun.

Horsepower / Torque 315 hp / 280 lb.ft
Engine options 2.0L I-4
Front legroom 41.20 in
Rear legroom 35.00 in
Front headroom 39.00 in
Rear headroom 53.00 in
Rear hip room 46.00 in

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